Thursday, March 16, 2017


So, the re-entry from holiday is always hard, but it seems truly icky with the abrupt change in temperature and returning to a sitch where I am not flourishing.  Since this blog is supposed to be about the joy in the day, here are the positives about being back in the US:

  • I can drink tap water any time/anywhere~no buying and/or lugging around water bottles.  Except to my classroom.  And while driving.  But still, I can refill them for free.

  • Not shaking out shoes/clothing/bedding to see if anyone else if living there before I get dressed or crawl into bed.

  • Dry clothing~maybe one gets used to being damp all the time.  Or?  Maybe if you’re not living out of a suitcase, you’ve got more than three tops to rotate on the clothesline.

  • Not having to douse myself with bug spray before opening a door or turning on a light.  Oh wait.  It will soon be spring here and I will.

  • Driving my own car.  While public transportation can be cheap and you can have some wonderful encounters~you are also at the mercy of someone else for the volume, temperature, arrival time (well, traffic can screw you over while driving as well), and rest stops.

  • Not having to worry if I made it clear that I am a vegetarian.  
  • Spending the weekend with my family~hopefully getting to do a fun outing or two with my remaining days of break.


  1. Yes, well, life can never quite have the fizz that adventure has -- but you need merely wait until your next adventure begins -- whether it be staying on to save and prep to fly away from the US for more travel (it took us five years, but it can be done on the regular!) or launching off in a couple months to a new job. Good luck whatever you choose.

    1. Pretty cool that I am able to choose my next adventure. A little terrifying as well!

  2. Don't want to plagiarize, but ditto to Tanita's comment!