Friday, March 10, 2017

pura vida

is not just the motto of this inn, it's the entire country's lifestyle.  It's startling to me how easily I'm sliding into it.  Think I've read only three pages in the past three days~which is quite an anomaly.  There's something hypnotic about both the ocean and the...yes, I'm going to say it, lush greenery.  It's easy to stare and drift mentally.

Fell asleep to the sound of a tropical deluge, woke to sunshine, had a delish cup of coffee, and then begin to wander through more of the town.

Still trying to figure out why there are so many surfers right next to this chunk of iron.  Beginning surfers, I might add.  Surprised no one has bashed into it.  The waves have been wild this week~full moon tonight.

It also seems strange that the beaches are almost empty.  But I'll take them!  Tomorrow may bring a cacao tour~or, if it's raining just holding still.  As I've walked my way into two huge blood blisters, that might be a good thing.

I'm sure that I've seen geckos in Key West or in Hawaii, but I don't remember them chirping.  I was sitting at the table last night with my hosts (I love how everything is al fresco here) and saw cute little "lizards".  And then they (geckos, not hosts) started chirping and whirring to each other.  I need to come back here with a larger budget so I can see more of the~I keep thinking of it as an island~country's bio-diversity.

Perhaps if I take a local cafe up on the job offer as server, I can simply stay here.

pura vida~until tomorrow.