Sunday, March 12, 2017

de papillons et de bénédictions

The words are fewer as the mind quiets.  Sleeping so deeply here~the self is flourishing with so much walking and natural foods.


As one cannot take aerosol through airport security, I had to resort to cream sun tan lotion. I have some very splotchy patches of sunburn and was trying to find some aloe. Finally found one bottle at this farmacia, but I didn't have quite enough cash on hand. The man let me have it for what I had in my coin purse.  How nice was that?  I offered to come back today to give him the rest, but he said no worries.

And!!!!!  Despite not going to the butterfly region, I've seen several pretty ones and today! I finally saw the blue one that I'd been hoping to see.  Gorgeous.  So gorgeous. 

It is the hottest day I've seen here~not a puff of wind.  But the storm clouds are piling up, so it ought to cool off soon.

Went back to my favorite cafe for lunch. 

The lovely owners. 

I was most amused during lunch~sitting next to two German tourists who were insistent about NO sugar in any of their food.  Why there would be sugar in a veggie sandwich, I was unclear.  They made their request repeatedly.  And?  The moment the server walked away, they stuffed all the sugar and Stevia packets in their knapsacks.  Bizarre.

Back to the pura vida.

(Apologies for not responding to all y'alls comments, but for some reason, it won't let me.  I'll reply when I'm back Stateside.)


  1. So happy for the sleep and good food - beauty too. You needed all that!

    1. It feels good to sleep~the first really good sleep since I left Texas.

  2. ::snort::
    Stealing... sugar. Okay.
    Tourists are sometimes SO WEIRD. Not that you're a tourist. You are... um... a voyager. That's the ticket.

    1. I could see taking some for the next morning's coffee, but They were SO anti-sugar, it as bizarre.