Wednesday, March 1, 2017

how to eat one's way down a street

We kicked off the month by taking a field trip to a fun street in Richmond.  We visited Penzey's Spices and a fab chocolate shop and then settled ourselves and our bags at a most wondrous Vietnamese place.

The attention to detail in every aspect of the place was incredible.  (And yes, we all lined up to take photos of the bamboo sinks.)

My coffee, slowly dripping into sweetened condensed milk.

Beautiful chopsticks.

An explosion of fresh flavors and contrasting textures.

I amused myself by swirling the peppers and saying that I had my own miniature koi pond.

We were supposed to have dinner at a Greek restaurant, but it was closed for renovation, so we popped into an Indian place for appetizers.

After all that spicy food, they seemed to need a bit of sweet, so a stop at Carytown Cupcakes was needed.

Antique molds in their bathroom added to our bathroom tours. 

We made it home prior to a wild storm hitting as I type~a huge blessing.  The bus is a pain to drive in good weather.

My little stash.

Tomorrow brings a fish fry, hush puppies, fresh french fries, coleslaw, and berry cobblers.


  1. This looks like SO much fun. I want to go on one of your field trips!

    1. Come on down! Fun group of girls would love to have you join them.

  2. Laurie, you are creative. These kids may not realize how lucky they are.

    1. They are doing great~we've had minimal injuries. Which~for 11 teens from widely varied lives, in two small kitchens, is saying something.

  3. I think your administration will be desperate to keep you, based on the enthusiastic response of your students. The field trip - and the sink, not gonna lie - looked entrancing! Some of these girls probably haven't experimented with food from such widely varied cultures, so it's lovely that you can offer that to them.

    1. All y'all would have LOVED this restaurant.