Saturday, April 1, 2017

April comes, not quite the idiot this time

The Metro was working today and the rains have gone, so my self-field-trip was back on.

A brightly fun Calder sculpture~it was breezy enough today that the arm was swinging.

First time in the Hirshhorn Museum~reminded me a bit of the Guggenheim.  The tickets for the special exhibit were already gone, but I enjoyed wandering the circular building and seeing the permanent exhibits.  There was a gorgeous wall of orchids, but it was too crowded to get a clear shot of them.

One whole floor was lined with various clock faces~this was my fav. 

Don't know the artist, but I know there's a matching one of these on the Seattle waterfront.

How do you spell 'breezy'?

The famed cherry blossoms~first sighting~even after all the years of visits to this area. 

I found a shiny quarter, but gave it to the homeless man who gave me a daffodil (which I'm sure was illegally picked~but still, it was a sweet gesture).  It did not survive being stuffed in my pocket~didn't want to see what kind of fine there is for picking something at a National Park.

Okay, I guess Ms. Millay's line about strewing flowers does apply.

Went into the African Art Museum~thought it was a small building, not realizing that there are three floors underground.

Gorgeous window and atrium design.

Part of their "Currents" exhibit on water.

A sound exhibit to give one the experience of a Nigerian marketplace.

No, I didn't take any of the pennies in the fountain.

Enjoyed a falafel al fresco.  Make that froid fresco~the sun was warm, but the breeze is still hostile.

And once again, the travel gods put me near a chatty woman on public transportation.  This one was Phyllis from Philadelphia. Although she is 70, she is still coaching dance and was in town for a conference/competition with some of her students.    As the conversation meandered, I discovered that she met her boyfriend on-line and he lives in Exeter!  Which is a teeny town in California.  She was shocked that someone out east had heard of it~told her it was easy as that's where I did 1st grade.  

And serendipitously, there is my happy place right by the Springfield/Franconia Metro station.  Feeling fortified for another week in the weeds.


  1. You are genius in finding lovely things/words to share! Having read your blogs in all kinds of weather, I'm sure your next adventure will produce more gems.

    1. Thank you! I am still astonished that these world class museums are all free!

  2. Ah - Phyllis. Of course you met someone who is still living her Best Life and reminding all of us that the best may yet still be... and good luck to her. I had to have a cuppa tea on Friday because I tried to wear a tank top under a crocheted cardigan and it is still just. too. fresh out for all of that summery nonsense. Balmy days? Check. Freezing in the shade? Also check...

    Updates will hopefully continue Monday...

    1. She was delightful.

      And yes, I was grateful that I was wearing my lined leggings~it was surprisingly chilly.