Wednesday, April 26, 2017

quiet beauty on a stormy day

Am a bit bemused at the party rental peeps trying to set up for our large May Ball event that is going on all next weekend.  We're having torrents of rain, but the grounds people had to be out, mowing everything.  

And now, the rentals are trying to pound stakes into the sodden ground without much success.  With the winds whipping off the river, not sure why they're trying to erect a tent this afternoon.  We're not using it until Friday night, so there's still time.

Fortunately, my part of this circus is ready to go, so I can shrug this bit off and admire the teensy water beads on the fallen leaves.


  1. I am extremely partial to ginko trees; they are absolutely lovely in early spring, that particular shade of green is magical, and in the autumn! They're just a delicate yellow-gold that lasts and lasts. ::sigh:: We're just cool and overcast here, no exhilarating storms, alas, but it plans to warm up over the weekend.

    1. They are gorgeous~don't know that I've ever lived by one before.