Friday, April 14, 2017


Took advantage of a rare week day off and gorgeous weather to explore a historic garden. The Green Spring Gardens have been around since 1784.  But honestly?  It was too lovely a day to spend much time absorbing historic facts or Latin plant names. 

It was simply a day to wander around. 

While there were Dogwoods in the Napa Valley, I've never seen them like this~stunning!  As they are the state flower here, they are everywhere.

Saw a sign for a garden shop during the drive, which I believe wins cleverest shop title ever:  Holly, Wood, & Vine.

A glimpse of the original manor house.

I want to like lilacs, but find their scent too cloying and overwhelming.  Guess I'll stick to admiring their colour.


  1. We are just not quite to tulips here yet lots of daffies, but it's just not quite warm enough? Or else no one planted any? I have seen flat zero, which is weird - and definitely no lilacs yet. It's storming Sun- Wed theoretically, so likely we won't see them this weekend, but I'll take today and tomorrow and see what I can get.

    My future home will have both dogwoods and ginko. And pomegranates, maybe. Such gorgeousness.

    1. Since I'm leaning towards getting one of those Tiny Homes, figure I can park it near your garden some day.