Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kenducky Derby

You really need to experience duck derby once in your life.  We were never clear on where the finish line was for these little guys~turned out to be more of a duck raffle than race.

People fell in the water and free milkshake coupons were handed out~so everyone went to lunch feeling jubilant. 

(and for the record, the heat/humid combo that happens here is disgusting.  I'll take Texas/Cali heat any day over this miasma.  Doesn't help that the faculty were required to be dressy and/or formal all weekend.  Stay tuned for outdoor graduation in black academic robes/hoods.)


  1. So, they start the ducks out... and then... collect them? I always thought you had to have moving water for something like this - like a flowing river. I guess your river/lake thingy flows too, but... it seems very still.

    So, they collect them afterward? And some duck wins? It looks very festive, but no idea how this would work.

    1. They had a jet ski out later to kinda herd them along. They choose the first 3 to sorta reach a piling. (and yes, they spent a lot of the afternoon netting ducks out of the water!)