Saturday, April 15, 2017


is the Japanese term for forest-bathing.  We all know how great we feel after going for a hike~who knew that it had research and a name behind it? 

Finally went to explore the Rappahannock River Nature Preserve.

Flittering butterflies everywhere~this was the only one I caught.

SO many greens.

Easy hike with good trails~realized that this is the first time since leaving Texas that I've had this kind of walking.

More Dogwood wearing Easter finery.


  1. How is it that you'd never gotten out there?? Glad you got there when the dogwoods were a'bloomin'.

    1. Too busy at first, then hunting season (smack in red-neck country), then winter.

    2. Ohhhhhh, hunting season. Forgot that there is that. We have hunting season to worry with here, too, of course; we went up to Leoni and laughed because obviously there's no hunting on Leoni land, nor the National Forest next door, but there are scofflaws everywhere, and we were warned not to go in the early mornings or near dusk. Weird to have to consider that, though, on a daily basis, not just when you're 'away' for a weekend!!