Sunday, May 7, 2017

balloons & balls

Trepidatious Littles at the dentist.

The rest of my weekend was full of the restoration and respite that this home provides. LOTS of chatter, basement dodgeball, glowing balloons, pancakes with fresh strawberries, and a swimming lesson filled the hours.


It's so useful to have Littles in my life, so I can indulge my inner child without a trace of shame.

A new kitty-cat in the house.

Lil' missy is no longer waiting to see what her older brother will/can do.  She plunges right in.

One is NEVER to old to play when there's a chance.


  1. Marvelous! Littles bring such dimension to life; good for the soul.

  2. Your "littles" are delightful - and they are lucky to have you. Possibly you will be geographically distant next year.

  3. Weird how much the Littles look like Les and Linda from another era.