Friday, May 26, 2017

if it's cold, wear a jacket

My sis and I were just joking about how weird it is that people out here have spring jackets~in Texas and California, those are only for winter.  So, this poem~which I had tucked away seems like a good one for this Friday.

beautiful silk bag and fun magnets from one of  my cooking students

As soon as the snow melts the grass begins to grow. Even
though the daytime high is barely above freezing, even
though May is very like November, marsh marigolds bloom
in the swamp and the popple trees produce a faint green
that hangs under the low clouds like a haze over the valley.
This is the way the saints live, no complaints, no suspicion,
no surprise. If it rains, carry an umbrella, if it’s cold, wear
a jacket.

"Saints" by Louis Jenkins from Just Above Water. © Holy Cow! Press, 1997

Hard to grasp that it's the last day of classes.  As they don't deem the Arts academic enough to have final exams next week; I'm pretty much done.  Choir is singing at Baccalaureate and I have many dorm hours, but it's done.  Really done.  YAY me!  If my niece were here, she'd clap for me.


  1. I remember just weeping at my 8th grade graduation because so many of my classmates were moving away, and I remember my mother's friend Linda saying something sniffy like "bad pennies always turn up again." I remember being JUST FURIOUS with her...

    ...but she was right, in that I found most of those people again in college or sometime afterward. It wasn't the same, of course, but they weren't dead or anything.

    I do hope that no one else has rude adults telling them to suck it up like that, though. Adolescence is a time you're just so ...fragile about things. And you care, so deeply, about ALL the things. It's exhausting.

    1. Okay~that's kinda funny.

      I'll give these girls their weeping as they're from all over the world and most likely won't ever see each other again.

      But most of them would have their stuff stacked in the parking lot right now~they're READY to go.