Wednesday, May 10, 2017

flutter bye

Not my shot~even though I followed the butterfly around campus (I know, I know.  One is supposed to sit still and happiness plops on one's shoulder.)  This lilting creature gave me a moment of joy!

We're finally having lovely spring days~after a few weeks of dreadful stickiness.   As I was walking around this week, I noticed that the leaves are now fully out.  It's nice to hear them rustling in the spring breezes.

Thirty-six days until my life is tucked into boxes and placed in storage!  I have tentative plans to head west and sofa surf for a few weeks~let me know if you'd like me to appear on your doorstep.  


  1. Our prophet's chamber awaits!

  2. While we have nothing so fancy as a prophet's chamber (!) you are, of course, always welcome - though I don't guarantee the house, the state of the boxes being packed or unpacked, or the location...

    1. I couldn't feel more at home~being surrounded by boxes!! You may wake to find that your "in a different time zone" guest has sorted & packed it all.