Wednesday, May 24, 2017

cracking up ourselves

Was sitting next to the singer who had the Hairspray line "I am now a checkerboard chick" during an interminable athletic awards dinner~so, we amused ourselves by playing chocolate checkers.  We also think it would be amusing to do an arts/music awards dinner in the same vein:  "Chloe lifted her team spirit by her improved brushstrokes and inspired purples throughout the spring season."

23 days until storage begins and all that's left to pack are a few dishes and clothes.  


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  2. "Judging" your packing progress = A+ (if that's any consolation prize).

  3. Oh, dear - seeing the kisses reminds me I need to pick some up from the store for this farce... um, anniversary thingy. Playing checkers with them isn't a half bad idea...

    1. Party stores sell them in coloured foil, because I KNOW your fete has a colour theme!