Friday, May 19, 2017

Look, life is like this

Not sure why packing triggers the desire to whip up some complicated recipes, but there have been moves where I'm making mayonnaise or souffles~probably some justification that I need to use up eggs.  But stacks of cardboard always finds me in the kitchen avoiding actual packing.  How fortunate that my Joy of Cooking students demanded that we have one final gathering before summer begins. We'll be torching these brulees tomorrow night~why not see if we can get the fire alarms to go off for THREE weekends in a row?!

This poem has been sitting in my inbox for a few weeks~the middle bit echoes what this blog is about~to have me pay attention to the little moments of my days.

No Ansel Adams
but the snapshots we captured
through the open car window
on our eight megapixel cell phones
on the side of the road off an exit ramp
as truck taillights streaked eastbound
opposite the earth’s rotation
in startling calm that evening
a mere dot-glow above dun fields
Look, life is like this, filled
with moments of meaning
paid attention to or not
but we tried we lingered
and sure enough it is here
looming in memory-mind
the fat orange ball above horizon
inching up into blank navy air
the full moon in early spring
we drove toward in silence

"Moonrise, Aurora, Nebraska" by Twyla M. Hansen from Rock. Tree. Bird. © The Backwaters Press, 2017. 

Bossy little boxes exerting a little bit of pressure on this move.


  1. Procrastination comes in interesting forms....

    There's a whole slew of pop-psych stuff about using procrastination to motivate you to do other things - by putting off the thing you REALLY don't want to do, you push yourself to do the other things. The trick now will be to find something you want to do less than packing, so that you can find the motivation to pack.

    1. The only thing I can think that's worse then packing is inane bureaucratic meetings. And I have to attend those. Although, after today's treatment? I'm feeling very free to skip any & all for the rest of this year.

  2. Unpacking unsorted stuff and making sense of it - as in our last downsizing move comes close to a motivating task less palatable than packing. I used "palatable" because you bake the very best stuff.

    1. Just had a student ask if I was leaving teaching to go into cooking!

  3. Making mayonnaise!? That's some wizard level procrastination there. Well done to you.

    Next on your list: churning butter from scratch...