Wednesday, May 31, 2017

roses: ye know what to do with them

Brave blossoms still on their stems after being pelted with rain/hail.

This heavy humidity (or is that redundant to say?) brings out all the earthen smells.

Standing next to this hilarious colleague for graduation rehearsal~I think I need these earrings!

Turn of the calendar page into the unknown~welcome to June and a relaxed schedule and much visiting.


  1. My friend Adrienne says just now, Rochester is stormy like this, and the lilacs are being beaten into earth, and they smell glorious - though look fairly awful. We had a brief moment like that in early spring, where the air was so thick with scent it was almost textured. It's... surprising. It actually rained a little this morning, much to our amusement, and we got news that both Squaw Valley and Big Bear skiing is open allll summer long. What a strange world, in which just the year before they had to make fake snow for a very short ski season, now they have one that goes on endlessly. Quel bizarre.

    1. Yes, the air is really sweet right now~probably with all the beaten vegetation!

      And now that we've pulled out of the Paris Accord, who knows what weather delights await us all?