Thursday, May 25, 2017

circumstances of pomp

Made a quick dash up to DC to attend the end of the 'Phew's school~we feasted on "sugar muffins" prior to the ceremony.  Little boy is becoming quite the baker.

I used to roll my eyes at Pre-School graduations (and will continue to do so), but I will also tear up when it's kith & kin.  With the rabid parents climbing over pews for their telephoto lens attacks, I only got one blurry shot. It will be terrifying to see these same parents at an actual graduation with grades/scholarships attached.  

Love the protective choke hold.

Then, the hair messing up. 

Last day of school!

After brother is dropped at school, lil' girl goes shopping.


  1. Yeah, our chiropractor is closing his office for his youngest girl's graduation from preschool. (He also rolls his eyes, but he's missing a whole day of work, so who's sarcastic, here?) It's those little bits of happy when the world is burning on which one must focus.