Monday, June 13, 2016


I am not going to add to the verbiage that is out in the world right now~these were the good moments of yesterday.  The Austin Symphony is doing free Sunday evening concerts in June and while it was a tad too hot/humid to sit and listen, it was nice to hear wafts of classical music as I did a lake loop.  (While the waters are slowly receding, some of the trail is still submerged.)

And Trader's June theme is mango!  I already have their seasonal pumpkin and pomegranate lotions, so was happy to add this to my collection.


  1. This time of year, I love oils. I go back to the Neutrogena apply-it-in-the-shower stuff, and think happy thoughts about depilatories.

  2. This week has humid enough that lotion hasn't really been necessary. But it smells so good!