Thursday, June 30, 2016

something deep & profound

Four years ago today, I rolled into town~not knowing a soul, having a place to live, nor a job to pay for it all.  

Dinner with Ann~2012

I'd say that Austin has treated me well~glad that I came to this place of warmth and swimming holes and two-steppin'.  Looking ahead to the next chapter.


  1. Well, now. I detect a settling-in. We are about to board for Houston, and thence to Belize. Will wave at you as we wing past your general location!

    1. Yes, this will set a record for me! Happy trails~looking forward to seeing some nice vacay photos!

  2. Funny - I detect the beginning of packing! I'm with the Yenta: how many notes falling from the light fixtures does one need?

    Lighting candles as you explore your new options.