Sunday, June 5, 2016

whimsical fun

Delicious falafel lunch~both for the menu and for catching up with a friend. 

Day two of the purple hairs~they are creating fun interactions with people as I'm out/about. 

Hallelujah bars (as they are known to some of my readers!) and a glow stick to match my hair.  Am surprised that we haven't lost power with the massive storms, but I am prepared now for darkness!

The Dollar Store can be a dangerous place.


  1. Ooh, cute studs. Glad you're prepared for the (mostly) worst, though I'm telling you, those Glastonbury wellies that are for all the festivals where you end up hip-deep in mud - those are JUST the thing.

    On a more serious note, I saw an awful picture of some refugee camps out near Dunkirk... where everyone is wearing those wellies as a matter of course. On the up side, no one is shooting at them anymore. On the downside... they're evacuating the Louvre.

    Do keep a look out for those paired animals, lovey.

    1. My mom gave me those earrings from Hawaii.

      It's all sunshine & breezes today!!!! A library walk is finally going to happen.

  2. :) Just saw some Hallelujah bars at Wegman's!