Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Exactly.  While I have been safe from flooding, it has been rather wet around here lately.  I do know that I've been carrying my shoes from building to car lately to save them~when the water is ankle deep, there's really nothing else to do.  (Somehow, the idea of wearing knee-high rubber boots when it is 98 degrees and raining is not appealing.  Plus, I don't own any.)

Two more day of this work week!


  1. I hate wellies, but find that other people just love them enough to live in them. If it's warm, rubber boots just seem like a thing to avoid. If it's cold, ditto, but in Scotland you can buy specific socks and liners for them to keep yourself warm... why not just buy REGULAR BOOTS!?

    Onward. Avoid deep puddles.

  2. Yes, there are people who wear them here, but when it's 98 degrees & pouring? Ick. I'm just going barefoot when I absolutely have to walk in the deluge.