Tuesday, June 28, 2016


A sunny nook in which to drink coffee and write in a journal.

While my clothes are in colour-coordinated order, I had never thought to do so with my books~my hosts inspired me!

The alarmingly large flower next to my guest pillow.

Ahhhhh.  Ran into a couple of students last week and they wanted to know what teachers did during the summer....we sleep, swim, eat, and read.  Lather/rinse/repeat. 

For Julie & Ryan

French nibbles for a French (sorta) film night

Refreshing to be out of town, even if only for a few hours.  Lots of talking and laughing, a little bit of shopping and coffees, and the spirits are renewed.


  1. Ooh, all of that looks amazing, and that French cheese looks SO GOOD. Obvs. I'm a little starving. It was too hot to eat earlier, but I guess my system is now awake enough to drool over pictures...

    ::wanders off for food::

    1. Okay~you know well my disdain for Whole Foods, but my hosts introduced me to the bargain cheese bin. Life has been irrevocably altered!

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  2. You need more of this kind of vacationing!

  3. Looks like a marvelous time!