Friday, June 3, 2016


Some days I find myself
putting my foot in
the same stream twice;
leading a horse to water
and making him drink.
I have a clue.
I can see the forest
for the trees.
All around me people
are making silk purses
out of sows’ ears,
getting blood from turnips,
building Rome in a day.
There’s a business
like show business.
There’s something new
under the sun.
Some days misery
no longer loves company;
it puts itself out of its.
There’s rest for the weary.
There’s turning back.
There are guarantees.
I can be serious.
I can mean that.
You can quite
put your finger on it.
Some days I know
I am long for this world.
I can go home again.
And when I go
I can
take it with me.

"Blessings" by Ronald Wallace from Long for This World. © University of Pittsburgh Press, 2003.

There is business like show business, but for the next few weeks the curtains are closed and teachers everywhere will be rejuvenating their spirits and their creativity.   Saying good-bye to 2015-16 by quoting myself (said to my students at the end of any good singing):  "You make my heart happy."

Time for respite and swimming and long lake walks and ravelling up that which has been frayed in the past few months.   

Happy summer 2016 all y'all!