Monday, June 6, 2016

turtles in a tree

The Rowing Club is closed...due to water.  How richly ironic. 

It is a little startling how high the water still is after two full days of sunny dryness.

Also hard to believe that they had to rope off the path when it is clearly under about 8 feet of water.

Haven't seen turtles actually climb trees before. 

Never though I'd see white-water outside Long Center (symphony hall). 

As I am safely high/dry, it is easy for me to say how gorgeous this all is.


  1. The fact that the bridge reads "Ninja Style" lets me know how I should approach the whole "whitewater in the middle of town" thing; on the lid of a garbage can, obviously, surfing.
    Ninja style.

    It really is gorgeous, and I'm laughing at the turtles in the tree. At least Texas isn't a dry wasteland, right? Although the humidity must be FIERCE.

  2. It's the first time that I haven't seen anyone out of the water~something about bacteria levels. After the storms? It's been perfect weather~breezy & 80s.

  3. You really do need a raft to keep in your trunk!

    1. It's insane how much water comes out of the sky here!