Tuesday, June 7, 2016

planted & blooming?

Admiring all the happy wildflowers while out walking today, it was impossible to ignore the adage of blooming where one is planted.

My favourite Texas flower

As July approaches, I set a new life record~five consecutive years in the same town.  While it is true that my jobs have morphed and my street addresses have changed, Austin is the town where I seem to have put down roots.  While it is mind-boggling that Texas is the place where my patterns have changed, it is nice to sit still.  

This doesn't preclude up and going at any moment, but for now?  I am here.

I call this the Cello Plant


  1. So, what's the name of your favorite Texas flower?

    1. It's a red/desert form of the Bird of Paradise.

  2. Beautiful flowers!
    (And you've been there 4 years just so ya know!)