Tuesday, March 13, 2018

joys of a random Tuesday

As a guest, I've been sent out from visits with all kinds of goodies and leftovers~however, I have never had a host whip out a disposable coffee cup before. A festive one, no less!

Since teaching at ILA, my date consumption has sky rocketed. Glad to know they have benefits besides all the sugars they provide.


  1. One of the nicest ways to eat dates I learned was to split and deseed them, and stuff them with... creamed cheese and a slice of roasted, salted almond.

    Yes, if you're just eating them by yourself, that seems like a lot of work, but the rich contrast and the slight tang of the cheese contrasts wonderfully with the somewhat cloying sweetness.

    1. They're also really good with bleu cheese. I find them way too sweet to simply eat by themselves~coffee or cheese is needed for balance.