Friday, March 2, 2018

safely inside

As I was supposed to be in DC for an interview today, am grateful that it was cancelled and that I can be tucked indoors. Watching snowflakes, roof tiles, and other bits of the city blast past the windows~grateful that the electricity is still on.

Think we can safely say that March is coming in like a manic lion.


  1. I'm glad, in a way - we're having Weather here, too, and it's just necessary. Now we have snow on Mt. Tam AND on Mt. Diablo, and all of this whippy wind and driving rain - and hail - and it's just... it's perfect.

    As long as the power doesn't go out.

    I'm so sorry that this is the nth time you've scheduled this interview and it's been cancelled AGAIN, but third (fifth?) time's the charm...

  2. Glad you are safe at home. Sorry about the power. Are you keeping warm?

    1. It was a cold & dark night, but the power is back on now!!

  3. SO - not prepared for frontier living, are we? I learned that DC congress got paid day off but civilians had to go to work. That's how crazy our gov't is.

  4. Nope~I am a city girl!

    The hardest part was the entire region was out, so there was no place to go to get electricity.