Friday, March 16, 2018


After the last discussion of adding cheese to dates to cut the sweetness...went to a tutoring session where I had dates from Medina~which come stuffed with a cardamom seed. 

Today was a field trip day to DC~I woke in time to see the sun rise. Got ready and looked out to see my car coated in snow and pounding flakes. But I went over to the school anyway to see who showed up. We ended up heading out and by the time we got off the Metro, it's was brightly sunny.

After a nosh, I guided everyone to see Ms. Julia's kitchen. 

Her medal of honor from France. 

Replication of a ceiling aboard the Titanic. 

Trying to get one group to hold still long enough to pose for a photo. 


They really enjoyed seeing all the White House china sets over the centuries and the First Ladies dresses. 
Fresh Ginger soda

They decided that they were having such a good time that we were going to extend the field trip and head to Georgetown. I was thrilled to end up having a late lunch at The Founding Farmers.

The table was overflowing with fresh, local, organic foods.

Since I'm not teaching tomorrow, I inhaled this pan of roasted garlic~ought to be healthy for a month at least!

As we left, the students gifted me with a rose quartz bonsai tree to celebrate the upcoming cherry blossom festival. A truly lovely day of cross-cultural connection and laughter.


  1. Replies
    1. It was! They really liked tke First Ladies exhibit.

  2. That really is an interesting tree. I wonder if there's any significance to roes quartz, or if they just thought it was pretty. I would, of course, take the whole thing apart and do something interesting with the beads, but you know me; can't look at a thing without thinking how I could deconstruct it to make it more interesting. I saw smaller trees like that in a village near Mexico City Christmas before last - I guess they're a Thing? It really is very interesting!

    1. If you're into crystals, there are all manner of meanings for rose quartz. I think they got it because it was one of the nicer items among the cherry blossom gifts in the shop.

  3. ...also, as long as the cardamon and other nuts in the powder aren't sweetened, perhaps that's a good taste, too - although even very fresh cardamon would be maybe a little overwhelmed by the dense sweetness!

  4. It added a really nice crunch and spice to the chewy sweetness.

  5. LAST NIGHT I had ginger lemonade iced tea (yes, that was a mouthful) and it. is. the. bomb.

    1. Yum!!! That sounds like it would be a good ice cream flavor.