Monday, March 5, 2018

bon appetit

SO jazzed that my textbook for this week actually has a unit on food!! No need to convince the administration that it ought to be part of the curriculum.

Today's lesson was about taste buds~so each student got a tasting station at their desk.



Mango for sweet, salted sunflower seeds for-you guessed it, salty and I threw in some bitter chocolate just for fun. 

Had time to cram in a brief walk prior to jetting off to Bethesda for music lessons. I really hope all these wee flowers don't get buried in snow in the next week.


  1. My friend Liss moved from San Diego to Portland this year - and they've had SNOOOOOpocalypse, as far as she's concerned. She was so excited, a couple weeks ago, photographing the wee flowers in her yard. I explained to her that they were crocuses, and said, "At least they're sturdy and won't mind the snow." And she thought it was over, hahahah. Not this year. They're covered now... as these likely will be. But, they're sturdy. I'm sure there's a metaphor in there, but I am too lazy to make the connection...

    1. You don't have to~there are many Inspirational calendars that will make the connection for you. In flowing script, no less!