Wednesday, March 7, 2018

breaking bread~quite literally

It's been a day of deliciousness~from Arabic coffee and dates with my tutee (having fresh dates is a revelation), 

to these honeycomb rolls. These lovely little bites of dough can be filled with chocolate or cream cheese and dusted with cinnamon and/or sesame seeds. OR! Filled with feta and dusted with thyme and sesame seeds. We had quite a discussion on which was better. 

I had these legemmat in December~fried dough is always tasty.

This is Basbossah~a sort of baklava dish with condensed milk and walnuts~gooey goodness.

Thankfully, we were balanced out with salmon and potatoes ala Kazakhstan. 

Although we had several students absent, we had many others wandering in from other classrooms. Everyone decided it was an excellent class and we need to do another food day around the time of the final.

Bon appetit and mangia!


  1. I do notice there's a sort of gooey-heavy emphasis on foods from the Middle East -- dates and baklava can both be SO MUCH for me, but others don't mind. I do think fresh dates are QUITE a bit different from dried ones. February is date season here in Cali, and I was a bit mindblown when D took me to Hadley's years ago in SoCal... they have camel races (which we didn't see) but all this date harvest stuff, and date shakes, etc. (also way sweet: vanilla ice cream did not need to be involved), and they let you taste ALL the dates. It was something!

  2. Date pudding is also delicious~not very sweet. (appearance is rather vile, but if you don't look at it, it's fine.) I think one reason that entire region (Turkey, Greece, etc.) has such strong coffee and tea is to be able to balance out ALL their gooey sweets.