Friday, March 9, 2018


I don't know how you celebrate an interview gone well, but since the campus I was at this morning is next to the zoo~that is where I went.

SO glad that I did, otherwise I would not have known this helpful tip!

Since I only saw one elephant out of their herd, I couldn't identify which one she was. She was teeny, but her eyes looked old. 

No wild Giuseppe this time~am sure his cohort was pleased to be able to eat in peace. (Look at my blog from five years ago for the full back story.)

Love lemurs.

And this darling little meerkat made us all laugh as he raced around and posed.

I did not know there is a species of monkey that prefers to eat 'shrooms, but these Colobines are fungi eaters. 

The pandas were nowhere to be seen~maybe too cold? But the bamboo walk was serene. 

And since it was a sunny day, and my dream career is to be a flanuer, decided to walk all the way to Dupont Circle. Walked across the W. H. Taft bridge which is guarded by two lions at each end.

An interesting gazebo perched on the edge of a five-story building. 

Smoky paprika-rich lasagna for lunch.

Dupont Circle, minus the fountain flowing.

And a bakery treat for tomorrow's breakfast.

Happy Friday y'all. Don't forget that we lose an hour of slumber this weekend. 


  1. How did the interview go What sort of job is it?

  2. It went well. It's for a maternity leave sub; middle school drama/English.

  3. No one as hyper-twitchy as you could be a flânuer in real life. You would get bored almost immediately, guaranteed. You just need the correct circumstances for your particular skillset...

    1. I've got the walking bit down but yeah, I couldn't do the endless lounging at the cafe bit.