Sunday, March 4, 2018

things that make one go 'hmmm'

Noticed this sculpture of a hog feeding~no plaque, no explanation~just pigs on the edge of the Volvo sales lot. Wonder if it used to be a farm before the town was formed?

While moving is exhausting/expensive, I am looking forward to living in a meat-free zone (yes, if I have to have a housemate again, I am seeking a vegetarian). There's just no way to prepare oneself to see claws and feet when one is just popping open the fridge to find cream for one's coffee.

I will be grateful that these chicken feet arrived after the power outage. 
And with these images~happy new week y'all!!


  1. They really do look like... something horrible. Like starfish.

    1. It's the fingernail looking thing in the first one that just really squees me out.