Thursday, July 12, 2018

in which we learn that lemon curd and Nutella do not go well together

Today's elective took us to France. 

I think Grandma Dunston would be pleased that her measuring cup is well-loved and well-used. 

Such a fun crew today (while there are enrolled students, they are very relaxed with attendance, so we scoop up whomever is wandering the hallways to help.)

The "Manager" showing them how it's done. 

After a couple of mangled ones, they started turning out beautifully.

The winning combo (for the students) was Nutella, strawberries, mint, and chocolate shavings. Mine was the lemon curd and powdered sugar. Bon appetit indeed!


  1. That sounds fun! For future reference, dear friend, Pyrex new is very different from Pyrex vintage. While the old ones are practically bullet proof, I beg you to buy a cheap Target one for these classes and keep your good stuff at home... I didn't realize how different Pyrex was 'til I broke one of my wedding gifts and bought new Pyrex in the UK. It was HORRIBLE - so not strong! I now scour thrift stores and antique shops for the old stuff.

    1. Good idea~if this class continues (and I have a hunch it may), I will hit GW to supplement the school's kitchen.