Wednesday, July 11, 2018

starting with the man in the mirror

Received a v. fun card in the post yesterday with the mission to spread goofiness around. 

I started with my work computer~stayed tuned as these eyeballs get scattered around the region.

And England dashed my hopes today by losing to Croatia~fortunately, today is 7/11, so I could get a free Slurpee to recover.


  1. Much like with Eurovision, & the Super Bowl, I cannot with the World Cup... I just ... don't... care who wins, but it does seem to entertain everyone profitably, and since Everything Sucks (TM), it's nice to have something else to do.

    I just remember the World Cup as a source of towering annoyance to Tech Boy who once flew to Birmingham for a meeting and had to basically just hang out because those meant to be IN the meeting couldn't be arsed to actually attend because there was a game on in the break room. I kid you not. He'd flown over from Glasgow to basically sit and have coffee while people shouted and groaned in the next room.

    I tell you.

    1. I'm truly surprised they s'heduled a meet during a game time. The rest of the world takes FIFA Very Seriously.