Tuesday, July 3, 2018

who knew potatoes could be so exciting?

My handout for next week's class.

Our office manager is getting married this weekend, so we surprised her with flowers and a gift card. 

This was a hilarious moment in class, because Talal and I have a long-running joke that I'll get him to love books as much as he loves video games. I had NO idea this was in today's writing exercise.

My elective kicked off today with making French fries~as we don't really have a kitchen, I am being creative with what we can cook. Borrowed an airfryer from my bro-in-law. 

Giovanna from Spain discovering that our knives are extremely dull. 

Bazaar was a whiz at peeling potatoes~with another dull knife. Mohammad met a peeler for the first time in his life. And bless his heart~they told him to rinse the potatoes after peeling and I came in to find him washing them with SOAP. Yes, the raw peeled potatoes. Guess he took my lecture on kitchen sanitation to heart. Oy. 

Nergui also trying the knife.

While they were waiting, they started teaching various alphabets~we saw Arabic, Russian, Mongolian, and Portuguese.  

Delicious (CLEAN) final product. 

My name in Arabic. 

My name in Mongolian. 

I had to prod them to leave~next time I will channel my inner Bob Tan to get guests to exit.

And??? Best of all? The a/c was working once again in my classroom~that's why there was no blog entry yesterday. Heat index of 108 and zero a/c all day.


    We used to have Friday night dinners at his house when I was quite small, and then he'd be like, "Well, okay, it was lovely to see you," and my parents would crack up and begin gathering our shoes. He was hysterical. "That's enough of you now, goodbye!" essentially.

    1. PS - do air fryers actually CRISP anything? I some days am DEEPLY tempted by a Fry Daddy or an AirFryer because I desperately long to recreate the Teng's tofu-ginger experience, but having something which deep fries is generally a doorway into perdition, and also, if it's not right, I'll be VERY annoyed.

    2. They are MARVELOUS. When I have a home again, I want to get one. Our current favorite thing is sliced polenta~done to a perfect crisp.

      And now I want Teng's tofu.

    3. And Mr. Tan could say things like that in a non-offensive way.