Tuesday, July 10, 2018

!Viva la tortilla!!

It might be warm if your plastic jar of nuts is wilting in the car. My car is generally parked in underground parking during the day, so this is remarkable.

Since my class was struggling with the way English words can morph from noun to verb to adjective, I made word cards and made them walk around make physical sentences for awhile. Once they felt confident with that, they got to make them on the floor.

The conversations and process is hilarious~I ought to record it sometime. 

For my elective today, we visited Mexico for our culinary inspiration. 

Learning new vocab and important life skills such as: never touch your face after you've diced peppers.

Our man of the burner got confident enough to flip the tortillas in the air. 

We finished in time to rush out to the school lobby to watch the end of the match between France and Belgium.  We'll gather tomorrow to watch England v. Croatia. So much fun to watch World Cup with a group of international peeps.

Walked to Penzey's for some cinnamon after school and found $.15~in different places. Evidently, I've forgotten my Texan lesson of "don't pick up coins on a hot day."


  1. Oh, haha~ Oops. Silver change really burns in this heat!

    We used to use cardstock and velcro when I taught phonics. That might be fun/useful for your conjugation exercises.

    1. If I ever taught the same level, I might do the extra prep with the velcro. Am already working WAY too many 'free' hours to prep/grade everything as it is.

      But. It's a fun job.