Thursday, July 5, 2018

So much wrongness in having a holiday mid-week

A verrrrrry warm 4th of July firework viewing. Our group opted to stay on this side of the Potomac to avoid the massive crowds. Yes, we had crowds at Arlington, but not quite as much. The downside was we didn't get to hear the music. 

We sat on the hill below the Iwo Jima monument.

There were cicadas, fireflies, and one SUPER excited toddler behind us. I thought he was going to faint with joy by the time the actual fireshow started. 

Lying very stil under smoldering July skies.


  1. I once again resent the reality which took away that joy from me. I absolutely forbade fireworks in my house and did laundry all day. On the up side, All 999 of D's shirts are freshly snappy and hung but that was a lot of work. (He has WAY too many shirts.)

    1. I was slightly heartened by reading some of the bios of the new citizens sworn in yesterday at Mt. Vernon. It was far too few, but it was something.