Wednesday, July 4, 2018

may your day be filled with sparklers and watermelon

An amusing meme that's floating around.


Started the day with a miniature cherry pie. 

You can almost see the humidity today. ICK. 

But! I'm very proud that I tackled the bus system today~there is no close Metro stop to the National Cathedral and I wasn't inclined to hike in this heat. So, busses it was. Very impressed~they were clean, had high a/c, and were running on time. 

Sat under my favorite window~it's planets or moons or large things floating in the skies. 

A gorgeous concert and a lovely respite in remembering the beautiful bits of this country. Now for a nap in front of fans prior to dinner and FIREWORKS on The Mall!!!!


  1. I love the astronomy window in the National Cathedral! Also love the cathedral garden, but not in hot and muggy weather.

    1. Yeah, am NOT a fan of summers back here. I need to make friends with someone with a pool and/or a boat.

  2. I ADORE the window - did you know that little rock (which I at one point thought was a "big blue marble" is actually a rock from the Sea of Tranquility? "The window contains a 7.18-gram basalt lunar rock from the Sea of Tranquility, donated to the Cathedral by the crew of Apollo 11 (Neil Armstrong, Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin and Michael Collins). The window was dedicated on the fifth anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, July 21, 1974."

    My friend Charlotte, whose mother lives in Virginia, is an expert guide and walked me through the whole place.

    1. Also, let's take a moment and marvel at the horror that it is JULY and I haven't yet had watermelon... but it's been so cool here that I'm not in the mood for it.