Saturday, December 2, 2017

full of goodness

December kicked off with another pair of bday boots. 

Used my new bday kettle for the first time.

Not realizing until the water was boiling that I haven't unpacked any utensils! So, it was an international endeavor~Italian polenta stirred with Chinese implements. 

Decided to start finding all the labyrinths in DC and as it was such a stellar day, choose to do one in an outdoor setting. Walked past the Watergate complex and the Kennedy Center to the Georgetown waterfront.

Ginger! Look! A people photo! 

No idea what this enormous sculpture is supposed to be. 

Happened to walk by the Saudi embassy where my students' husbands work. As there were huge trees right outside, filled with hundreds of birds, I had put up my coat hood. Surprised I didn't get accosted by security for having a hood up, sunglasses on, and taking snaps of their front door. 

The OEOB~for the West Wing fans.

Finally made it to the Renwick Gallery~it began as the Arts & Crafts bit of the American Art of the Smithsonian. Not sure how to describe it, but it was free and interesting and I took a ton of photos of their ceiling installations.

Yes, I was mesmerized by the shiny, sparkly things.

A sideways Chihuly. 

Since I was across from the White House, decided to go and see the tree. It looks much better at night. 

Was bummed that the state trees were closed off~it's amusing to see how school kids from each state choose to decorate their tree. 

Met my cousins at Kramer's Afterwords for a belated bday dinner~may I just say that I need to learn to make halloumi in any form! First had it this summer in SF and now need to find it in a local market.

A couple of times during the meal, my cousin asked if I had found anything in the store. Which, I thought was odd as it's a BOOK store. Of course, I could take home a few shelves of items. Turns out they had a gift card for me to use. I promptly went in and bought this cookbook that I had been coveting. Yes, seems odd as I don't really have a kitchen or my kitchen toys to use.

But. Someday.  

Bday card with velvet cat prints~perfect as I get to cat-sit my fur babies next week. 

Came home to find my last pair of bday shoes had arrived. Thanks to all y'all who made me feel so spoiled this year!


  1. Wow - great footwear for your b/d. Walking around DC amazing. Ginger isn't the only one happy to see your smiling face. I imagine it's cold, but blue skies and sunshine are enviable. Been interested in the WH Christmas tree also. So happy for your family-pampered b/d. Glad you weren't jailed for taking pics of the Arab embassy. Probably cuz it's America - for all its flaws still granting more freedom than many countries. Altogether a terrific collage of pics!

    1. Nope~it's warm right now. Enjoying all the sunshine.

    2. I don't know if I can keep up with all your walking!
      Great group of pictures.

  2. I've put in some miles this week! Helps balance all the sitting I do.

  3. So pleased to see your cheery face. Envious of all the sightseeing. Distances are pretty short in D.C. Will look forward to hearing more about the job.

    1. Tutoring ESL during the day & music lessons at night. Still looking for a steady job with benefits.

  4. Pink boots! Those are certainly eye-catching! Also, those Reeboks I've never seen - are they cloth? They've come such a long way from their fat, white, high-topped predecessors!!

    I don't take people pictures much either... I am SO bad at selfies. I manage to get a sliver of my face in, or some weird variant on my forehead...

  5. The Reeboks are super light! Love them.

    I just don't like my photo taken period.