Sunday, January 7, 2018

blink, blink

Astonishing how warm a windless 13 degrees feels after the negative gales we've just lived through. However, I cannot complain too much. I have a warm place to sleep. My car is still working and we never lost power.  I've read through a huge stack of books with all the cancellations of classes and other activities. It's been just TOO cold to function.

I'm so glad to see the end of Grayson (who decided to name storms?) and go back to our normal winter programming for a few days.


  1. GRAYSON!? Seriously?
    I had a student named Grayson. I can see him wearing grey flannel and Tom Hanks glasses, in my imagination. He was classy, even as a ten-year-old.

    I love that name, and will now name my imaginary twins Gosling and Grayson. They're obviously twin ocelots...

    1. Perhaps next week's snow can be called Gosling. Although, I think they alternate genders and go alphabetically.