Thursday, January 11, 2018

whatever it may be

"As soon as you start thinking that this year could’ve been better, 
please remember the mountains and the valleys 
and the setbacks and the triumphs 
that got you to the exact patch of land that you inhabit now.
Feel your feet hover over the ground 
and bask in the texture across your toes, 
whatever it may be. 
None of it was accidental nor in vain. 
You are forever stretching, growing, breathing, evolving. 
You are not to be wrapped up in yesterday, not matter how comfortable the cloth may be." 

~Julie Faulkner


  1. I am still marveling at the last lines of this - beautiful and challenging.

    This. Here. Now. None of it was accidental, nor in vain.

    I may need that tattooed somewhere.