Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Yes. The weather outside is frightful

But, there was fun to be had on this first day of January, so off I went to meet up with my high school friend who also lives here. We stopped at a coffee cart~craving Mexican hot chocolate, but it wasn't on the menu. The very sweet barista concocted them for us anyway.

Fortified with cayenne and chocolate, we hiked the hill to the Cathedral.

I didn't make it there this year for any holiday concerts, but it was still decorated gorgeously. We were trying to guess how many poinsettias they purchase for the entire campus. 

The beautiful planets window.

Paper cranes of peace tree.

This time, no homeless guy was shrieking obscenities at me while I admired the sunlight coming through the Rose Window.

A very nice docent came swooping over to take our photo as our selfie attempts were rattling the Christmas tree and, no doubt, making her nervous about the longevity of the ornaments. We both find it difficult to believe that we met as roommates in 1986 at a school in the other Washington. Yes, that's thirty-two years ago.

Once the sun set, it was time to hike down the hill to see the last night of ZooLights!

As it was 3 degrees, there were no crowds. 

The reptile house was popular as it was WARM. 

And we got to see the full moon rise! 

Because you never know.

A lovely kick off to the new year.


  1. The warmth of food and friendship to kick of a frigid New Year! Beautiful decorations.

  2. I think my cheeks are still frozen! But it was a memorable and fun way to kick off the year.

  3. Goodness, you need a bigger coat at 3°! This reminds me of when we were teens and Mom took us to Marine World every year on Christmas Day to sled on their manufactured snow hills -- the Butterfly House was THE most popular spot in the whole park, as it was warm and moist!

    1. Probably shouldn't be outside right now~no matter the coat! It just hurts!