Friday, January 5, 2018

protect, feed, read, walk

You cannot tell by the photo, but these are frozen solid from sitting in my car. Guess I won't be disinfecting any piano keys today.

Forgot that I left a water bottle in the car as well. 

Just happened to glance out the window and caught about four minutes of gorgeous pink.

And I leave you with some words from Jane Kenyon (they are advice for writing well, but I think they work beautifully for living well):

"Be a good steward of
your gifts. Protect your
time. Feed your inner life.
Avoid too much noise.
Read good books, have
good sentences in your
ears. Be by yourself as
often as you can. Walk.

Happy Friday!


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  2. What a world - usually things are MELTED in the car. Such extremes!
    I hope your Purell is still thawed! That doesn't usually freeze, and with a tissue will work in a pinch...

  3. Yes, I've gone from a climate where hand sanitizer explodes and lip balms/Advil melt to this!

    Still very grateful that my car is even starting right now.