Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What's this??

An almost 50+ degree jump in the weather and life feels doable again. It was delightful to step outside and not feel extreme pain. Also a treat to walk firmly and quickly across the parking lot~not to mention how nice it is to drive with confidence again. Everyone is outside this afternoon and the birds/squirrels/dogs are going nuts with the frolicking.

Back to the job hunt~these snow/ice days have brought to my attention the deep need for a salaried job and/or one where I can walk/Metro to work.


  1. Good luck on job hunting. What kind of job are you looking for?

  2. Anything that's full-time with benefits.

  3. The weather over here hasn't got the memo, but at least we're also in the fifties at night again, with the rain. My redolent paperwhites can go outside and be unfrozen.

    1. My LOTION is still frozen solid in my car. I tell ya. In Texas, it was melted everything and now it's all frozen. It's a Goldilocks life.