Wednesday, January 3, 2018

fortuitous bounty

I am scraping the sides of this lovely lotion~gift from my choreographer from Wonka and thinking that perhaps I needed to actually go and buy some lotion.

When, unexpectedly, a friend gave me a belated Christmas gift. And!! It is almost the exact same scent and texture of the above lotion. (I am super picky about my lotions~both the scent and the texture of them.)

Perfect timing~both for the need and for the bitterly dry/cold weather our skin is enduring at present.

Also just received an offer to teach a 10-week ESL class~it's one day per week, but I'll take it!


  1. Nice, Laurie - the lotion and some extra teaching. Hope the serendipities continue to accumulate.

  2. Ooh, happy rich and lovely lotion to you. My preference for a facial cream is Exuviance Skinrise Bionic Tonic I only have used a sample of it, on one occasion... it was WONDERFUL, and smelled amazing, but it's $40 for 1.7 ounces and I have not yet adjusted my mind to that kind of expenditure. (It's been in my Amazon basket for years, I just keep not buying it. Along with the Black Orchid perfume - $75 for like 3 ounces. Where do I get my tastes!? My pickiness??? Probably from doing with what was there, not what I wanted... le sigh.)

    1. Yes, the Mercier lotion is super expensive. And super lovely!