Wednesday, June 6, 2018

childhood epics/family lore

If you have siblings, you well know the hilarious (mostly) and many-sided tales from childhood. Last weekend, I was having a discussion with my sis about HOW much of my lip gloss she and our brother ate. I was particularly sore about the above tin as it was a rare item.


Imagine the shrieking that happened this evening when I randomly went into a shop and saw a display of these tins?? I told the entire tale to the clerk and she laughed and said that EVERY person who came into the shop and bought a lip gloss had some kind of amusing anecdote about the gloss.

It's the little things, y'all.


  1. Huh, I'd never even seen this brand before. It's a cute tin.
    I am everlastingly grateful that my sibs stayed out of my room... and that I was mostly old enough to be well away when they came to the cosmetic eating stage. Ugh.

  2. The really cool ones have TWO flavors!

    We'll draw a veil over the tampom deconstruction that they also did...