Sunday, June 10, 2018


Vivid lilies in the twilight. 

I don't know what these weeds are, but I remember years of my cousins & I pulling them apart and whomever had the longest/most strings told the most lies that day. Why we were endlessly amused by this, I do not know! Who can explain the minds of middle schoolers?


  1. Came home to some of those red lilies! So excited, because I ALMOST pulled them up as weeds, in a burst of excitable gardening before we left...

    Love the rules for your game - you got to PICK who told the most lies!? Man!

  2. These were in the same yard that had the rows of peonies. And bushes of azaleas. And now, lilies and hydrangeas. I am hoping to someday see the owners of this yard and tell them how much joy their vegetation brings to me.