Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Powerpoint & Poetry

We kicked off this morning with story time~grabbed a stack of children's books from the library. Didn't even realize that I had gotten a lovely book written by a friend of a friend~an author I met briefly in Austin. Pick up anything by Liz Garland Scanton and you know you'll have a good story.

After a truly vile week of political fiascos, we were all buoyed by this book's ending.

It was computer lab day, so I bribed them with Trader's treats.


  1. I adore Liz (Garton Scanlon, incidentally) and think one of the best ways to teach a new language is through children's books. The ones I saw in the Netherlands, though, were Goosebumps. Um, no, thank you.

    1. Yup~I get French children's books to practice reading.

      We also read one about rain today. Because. That's ALL it seems to do this spring. And, hilariously, the student reading "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" made everyone sing at the end.