Wednesday, August 24, 2016

be afraid, be v. afraid

Slowly excavating my office space~have a hunch that I may be taking some cosy afternoon naps in that sunshine! 

This.  This is at the front of the classroom.  No wonder no one wants to take music here.  The entire thing is disappearing as soon as I can track down some maintenance men. 

This also is going to be disappeared.  


  1. Oh. WOW.
    I was going through a box the other day, and I have some musical education stuff, but it's from... oh, 2002, and I felt odd donating it to Friends of the Library, but I thought, "Well, someone will have some use for it, maybe some home schooling families." There are CD's for elementary aged kids, Amahl & the Night Visitors, Peter & the Wolf, etc., right? But, that text is CLEARLY older than anything I have. Which is ...really ...odd, because I haven't been teaching for a long while...

    Also: a chalkboard. Well, we had one in Academy, and we had theory on it, but we also had a huge room, a flight of risers, graduated seating, etc. If the chalkboard is the center of the music room, yeah, I can see not having a focus on song and expression and NO ONE wanting to do music at all. Good luck introducing diversity and modernity into the curricula...

    1. What's strange is that there are two white boards in the room~one of which is the theory kind. There are also many tapes, VHS movies, & records (and not in the hipster 'I only listen to vinyl' sort of way). No wonder there's high excitement upon my hiring!