Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Girl Power

It was a breezy 70 something this morning~the nicest weather that I think I've ever had during a move.  It's either been sweltering or pouring for the last decade's moves.   To be fair, I live on a school year cycle, so summer moves are fairly common.

The truck appeared within an hour window of the driver's estimate and more importantly, it was actually my pod.   Before he could even get the unit off the trailer, five dorm leaders appeared from nowhere and after unrolling the door, they had everything unloaded within 15 minutes.  I've lived in community before, but this swooping in of sisterhood will take some getting used to (and they are so getting the first batch of whatever I bake!)   Evidently, this was a slow Tuesday in town, as all the townspeople going by (on foot, or driving) stopped to point and talk amongst themselves.  Hilarious.

My stuff was really smashed up~this, of course, was the first box I unpacked to make sure it was undamaged.  So far, no major damages~I fully chalk that up to my stellar packing skills which I've acquired from a nomadic childhood and life.

Bogart got a little twitchy with all the swishing about, but once I washed bedding and made a comfy spot, he was happy as could be.  And, as with the packing, he wasn't inclined to pitch in so much. 

Went out with my first batch of recycling and found a batch of hangers with an alarmingly large bow on my step.  I think they are from a fellow Texan with whom I had lunch yesterday~I was saying that all I really wanted to do was hang up my clothes.

Tomorrow, I will finally dig into my classroom and begin the actual curriculum planning.  Fortunately, classes don't begin until 5 September.