Thursday, August 4, 2016

Houston, We're Cleared for Lift-Off

Happy Buc-ee

I will reiterate that I am SOOO grateful that my car's malady happened while still in Austin, with good friends to take care of me and my feline for the past 30 hours. But, after several weeks of deliberation, it was good to hit the road.  I made it through Houston prior to rush hour and a massive t-storm.   

Somehow, at 80 mph, I missed the state crossing signs.  I am verklempt at leaving Texas, but know that this will be a fun new chapter/adventure for me.

Doesn't show up, but there were hundreds of dragonflies darting about while we sat and waited for an accident to be cleaned up outside Lafayette. 

Glitter is always paramount in a diva's life and I've been so glad that my Dallas/grad school friend talked me into these rose gold bracelets this summer.

This is only my second trip to New Orleans from Texas, but this road!  Through the Atchafalaya Basin is stunning.

Cresting into Baton Rouge where an epic deluge hit us.  Driving at 20 mph is never my idea of fun, but with a yowling cat and headlights that need to be buffed, it was white-knuckling for a few miles.  I used my decade's old habit of following semis through the snowy Siskiyou Summit and followed a stalwart driver until the rains lifted.

I will draw a veil over checking into an urban hotel right behind a tour bus and just share my delights at walking around the French Quarter on a sultry August night.

After thirty years of wanting to, I finally made it to Preservation Hall to hear a jazz septet.  It was goosebumps, and grinning, dancing and tearing up~it is inexplicable to be in a building where the greats of music have played.  Somehow the walls absorb the genius and inspiration.  And that stands true for Mozart's kirche in Salzburg to Carnegie to St. Peter's to here.   I am so grateful to be a music teacher and get to share all of these musicians with students.

And I found a shiny penny on my way back to my hotel.  More to come.


  1. Yeah, I'm hoping you miss most of the weather - some of the most "exciting" rain in my life has been going through Louisiana...